How to crack the lower thumb joint


 · How to pop those joints at the very bottom of your thumb that nobody knows [HOST]: rob.
Get ur opposite thumb to rest on the nail of the thumb you want to crack and place the tips of ur middle and index finger wrapped around the side and a little bit on the front of ur thumb. When cracking twist the middle and index finger inward while pushing the thumb resting on the thumb nail up.
 · How to Crack Your Knuckles. Press the both the forefinger and the thumb towards the joint on alternate sides, and you should hear a 'click,' not a deep 'crack' like knuckle popping. Also, you can push down hard on the lower section of your finger. If it touches the bottom of your finger, then you need to wait a bit longer%(39).
r/JointPopping: For "Crackheads" everywhere who love hearing the noise your body makes when you crack joints, and related stuff.
 · What is the best way to crack your bottom thumb knuckle crack our knuckles we are really only releasing air from the soft connective tissue in the joints. this makes a sound crack but that's about all its doing. now I know that it is not "herbadin nodules" as they only affect the first joint in each finger, but not the thumb.
Im sure you guys know about this one its by far my favorite and i obsses not only about cracking mine, but cracking other peoples. My GF gets annoyed mostly but i will always try to crack her secert thumb joint whenever i can. So, where is the secert thu.
Causes of thumb joint pain. Thumb joint pain can be the result of a variety of different issues, ranging from injury to disease, and it could even be caused by the excessive use of modern technology. Find out what’s causing your thumb pain below.
Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Bouvier on thumb joint cracking: Inflamed joint can be caused by multiple things starting from injury, gout, infections in joints, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever. History and examination would be required to find a cause, best to consult your doctor.

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