Piano lesson on the use of the thumb

Concert pianist and teacher Graham Fitch gives a lesson on improving the flexibility of your thumb. This lesson complements his full-length article inside Pianist magazine issue No 90 (June/July ). The masterclass takes place on a Steinway Model D concert grand.
Translations of the phrase THUMB PIANO from english to russian: traditional african musical instrument titled thumb piano tunes.
 · Using your thumb in this free piano lesson Using your thumb to connect notes will eventually become instinctive, and you will use your thumb wherever needed. When reading the following exercise, practice placing your thumb every other note, as this will be a useful technique later on.
How to Play a Thumb Piano By Isaiah David ; Updated September 15, Melissa Kirk/Demand Media. The thumb piano, or kalimba, is a southern African percussion instrument. Kalimbas use several metal tines of different lengths, which give different notes when plucked.
 · 8 Piano Finger Exercises for Beginners. If you’re looking for finger exercises to increase your speed, start by checking out the helpful tutorial below. There are even more exercises listed below the video, so you can find just what you’re looking for!
On ascending piano scales beginning with a white key (or “natural”), start with your thumb (finger 1). In the middle of a scale, your thumb should cross under your middle finger (finger 3). In the scale above, this happens between the E and the F. Fingers 1 and 5 are ideal for use on the white keys.
Piano Fingering: The Intrinsic Logic Of Which Finger Should Go Where -- And Why Or "Don't Re-invent the Wheel Whenever Possible" As a piano teacher for many years now, I have had countless students ask me some variation of this question: "What fingers should I use on such and such a .
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