Thumb Grind Test

The purpose of the Thumb CMC Grind Test is to assess the integrity of the thumb CMC joint. Reproduction of the patient's pain and crepitus is a positive test for arthrosis and synovitis. Therapists must be aware of the crank test which both evaluates the joint quality and translational laxity, the distraction test where a pain response indicates joint inflammation and volar compression of the.
4/23/ · Indications. Thumb Grind test is a wrist examination procedure that identifies the presence of Trapeziometacarpal arthritis or degenerative joint disease (DJD). The test assesses the integrity of the thumb CMC joint. Procedure. The patient should be awake and cooperative during the test.
The grind test is commonly used to test for osteoarthritis carpometacarpal (CMC) of the thumb, but its origin is not certain. Description. A positive test evokes pain (tenderness) and gives the sensation of joint surfaces roughly grinding against each other. 1; Pathophysiology.
grind test. used to test for pathology at the thumb carpometacarpal joint (CMC) examiners applies axial load to first metacarpal and rotates or "grinds" it; positive findings: pain, crepitus, instability; Finkelstein's. used to test for DeQuervain's tenosynovitis ; patient makes fist with fingers overlying thumb ; /5.
Grasp the thumb MC between your index & thumb, push & pull along the thumb axis. Grinding of this joint causing pain is usually from Osteoarthritis. TFC injuries. Press test ; Supposed to be % sensitive for TFC tear. Push up from chair with an extended wrist. Pain at ulnar-carpal joint is indicative of a tear. Compression test.
Diagnostic value of clinical grind test for carpometacarpal osteoarthritis of the thumb. Merritt MM(1), Roddey TS, Costello C, Olson S. Author information: (1)School of Physical Therapy, Texas Woman's University, Houston, Texas, USA. mmerritt@[HOST] Comment in J Hand Ther. Jul-Sep;23(3)Cited by:
The grind test is frequently

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