Vevo MD UHF 48 - Pediatric Bowel 1

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Vevo MD UHF 48 - Radial artery in 1 month infant by SonoSite. Vevo MD UHF 48 - Post tooth extraction palpable mass on a 40 Yr old male by SonoSite. Vevo MD UHF 48 - Pediatric Bowel 1 by SonoSite. Vevo MD UHF 48 - Pediatric Bowel by SonoSite. UHF 22 MHz - 2 Month old Neonate Spine by SonoSite.
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When it comes to neonatal and pediatric ultrasound, not all systems are created equal. And the Vevo MD stands apart from the rest, especially for the smallest of patients. Small patients require small transducers with great resolution. The Vevo MD is designed to the smallest of patients with the greatest details and resolution possible.
February Webinar: Introducing the new Vevo MD Join Andrew Needles of FUJIFILM VisualSonics as he takes us through exciting images, applications, features and benefits of the world's first Ultra High Frequency ultrasound imaging system, the new Vevo MD.
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High Frequency Musculoskeletal Ultrasound For Clinical Applications. Musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSK ultrasound) involves study of the many superficial targets in the hands, wrists, feet, knees, hips, arms and shoulder regions.
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High Frequency Vascular Ultrasound for Intima Media Thickness Measurements. The Vevo MD was designed specifically with vascular applications in mind. Ultra

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