Marvelous Uses of Old Computers You Always Wanted to Know

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5-3-15Technology is ever changing, and so is the world of computers and networking. Almost everyday, there’s some new development taking place in the computer world, PCs are becoming cheaper by the day, and today they are available in abundance, that too at very affordable prices. Owing to developments in technology, computers of very good configurations are available in plenty, and at cheap rates. Given this, it is natural for anyone to discard old computers. But why discard something when it can be of use? Why throw something away just because it is old? And that too when you know it can be of use!

Good Uses of Old Computers

Personal Entertainment System
This is probably considered to be the most common choice of users planning to purchase a new computer. If the PC is in running condition and has a decent hard drive space, you can use it as a personalized entertainment console. You can install software for playing audio files, a DVD drive, a powerful speaker system, and other devices in a typical entertainment system. You can even arrange web access on this system, in case you want to play online radio or watch movies.


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The Key Role of Computers in Research You Just Can’t Ignore

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5-3-14While they are still far away from that supreme ideal of being able to think for themselves as artificially intelligent machines, the brute force of their ability to calculate and process information at phenomenal speeds powers research in every field of human endeavor. In fact, computers have changed the way in which information, or more precisely, knowledge is disseminated around the world through the Internet, via which I am communicating with your right now. In this Buzzle article, I have highlighted the role of computers in research fields, where it works to overcome the horizons of ignorance that still exist.

The first computers developed were mere calculators, with the ability to carry out simple arithmetic operations. Advancement in electronics, the development of the vacuum tube based transistors and devising of digital logic gates led to development of the first digital computer which could perform more advanced logical operations.

These early machines took up whole multistorey buildings and were operated through punch cards. All this changed after the development of semiconductor based transistors which led to the extreme miniaturization of integrated circuits, that made the development of the first personal computers possible.


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Let’s Look at How Computers Have Changed the World

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Fire is known to be man’s first invention. But, little did he know then, that 5-3-13this effort was going to change his world so drastically. Since then, invention after invention, right from a wheel to a guillotine, changed a lot of things for mankind. Right from simple machines to complex mechanisms, these inventions have only brought about a sea change in the way we function today. For instance, invention of computers brought a technology in the world which had the power to multitask like none other machine created by man. It could store information, simplify tasks and organize work with just one instruction. Ever since, computers have been developed into smarter machines by honchos of leading information technology conglomerates.

How Computers Changed The World Over The Years

Revolutionized Business
Computers have changed the way a business functions in a large way. Back in the olden times, corporate houses rented spaces for running accounting departments. It took months together to figure out profit or loss that a business had made or suffered. Recording entries and other relevant data was done manually and most of it remained scripted. However, with the advent of computers, the concept of manual entries and use of human brain to remember and memorize company’s financial operations became obsolete. This transformation was known as automation, which made computers the backbone of all new age businesses. Today, computers are used beyond bookkeeping purposes too. Almost everything that happens in an organization, right from its inception to its closure, is recorded, worked upon, evaluated and rectified with the help of computers.


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The Exceptional Importance of Computers in the Health Sector

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5-3-12We are living in a modern, technologically advanced world. The computer age has led to fast globalization and fast access to information and technology. Computers have become an important household item and an invariable part of education, business, profession and service industry. Computerization promotes fast growth, fewer mistakes and better service in each and every field of life.

Role of Computers in the Health Sector

Availability of Information
Internet provides information on everything. New discoveries regarding operative procedures, medicines, study reports, are available on the Internet. You can easily order medicines from any part of the world. You can send medical reports via e-mail and get suggestions immediately from a doctor who is far away from you. Direct, live telecast of operation from a remote corner of the world can be watched in any part of the world. Web conferences help doctors to learn techniques without wasting time in traveling. Lives of critically ill patients can be saved, as time is saved.


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Food for Thought: Do You Know the Use of Computers in Agriculture?

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5-3-11Technological advances have brought about drastic changes in farming and animal husbandry resulting in a tremendous increase in production capacity. The most common use of computers has been in replacing human effort and intervention in traditional farming machinery and other equipment. In addition, even the support functions for farming such as delivery of machinery, fertilizers and production of raw products have been successfully automated. But all these are just the labor-saving, basic uses that have been around even before the turn of the century. If computers have changed the ways of farming, then the Internet has only doubled that pace of change.

Applications of Computing Technologies in Agriculture

In today’s times, agriculture is not just about crop production or livestock farming and associated activities. The challenges brought forth by ecological factors affecting the environment need to be a major consideration for any kind of farming activity. Farmers need to preempt environmental impact due to climate change and this is where modern technology comes to the rescue. In a nutshell, the uses of computers in agriculture include:


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